I have created a new version of the instagram include to show instagram images on your Jekyll website.


My previous version was an instafeed.js alternative. Instafeed.js used to work without API calls. The new version of instafeed.js, however, required running your own server to keep your API tokens fresh. I thought that was a bit cumbersome and found a relatively easy way to circumvent this, by letting Zapier do the heavy lifting. However, there were some downsides to this approach. When, a few months ago, Instagram started to change the URL’s of the static images, this solution no longer worked (as I was storing only the URL’s).


Fortunately I found an alternative solution that is even easier. Just add the following line to your code and you will find your instagram images in a nice 5 by 2 grid. You can view an example. More information about this solution can be found on the PPI Loader website.

{% include instagram.html username="jhvanderschee" %}

Keep it simple!

Joost van der Schee

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