How we process your data

This website is powered by Jekyll, Crisp, Formspree, Mollie and CloudCannon and is hosted on GitHub. CloudCannon is only used as external CMS. No traffic or visitor data ends up at CloudCannon or their partners. Github, however, (like any hosting company) can have full insight in visitor data, like connecting IP addresses, visited pages, etc. Note that Github is not known to actively profile visitors. By using a VPN you can (try to) prevent this.

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics. This happens only if you approve third party cookies and scripts. However, we have taken all actions we can to limit the power of Google. We have configured Google Analytics to anonymize IP addresses, use SSL at all time and we have agreed a Data Processing Amendment with Google. These measures were taken from a derective of the CBP (Dutch Institute for Privacy Protection) from March 2013 on how to legally use Google Analytics while not showing a cookie warning.

Crisp Chat

The chat module in the bottom right corner uses Crisp Chat and upon loading that module, your visitor data is sent to Crisp Chat. This happens only if you approve third party cookies and scripts.


All forms on this website are handled by Formspree. Formspree has a mail server that mails all form contents to us. If you are uncomfortable with using this third party service, please do not fill out forms on this website, which (obviously) also includes the checkout form in the donation page/webshop.


Payments are handled by Mollie. Mollie can track your IP address upon connecting to Mollie (Mollies Paylink service, called Plink), but we do NOT actively share any form data with them (like your name, address, email, etc.). The only thing Mollie receives is an order number and the due amount. On succesful payment Mollie will confirm the payment of the due amount to us, by sending an email and referencing the order number.