It has been an enormous honor to speak at JekyllConf2019. This was my first conference talk ever. Fortunately, I could speak live from my own home-based studio, so it involved no flying around the world. After my talk I got a nice reaction from the JekyllConf team (see the tweet), which made me happy. That was exactly what I wanted to show: You can build a professional website with a CMS in under 20 minutes by using nothing but a browser. Want to know more? You can find my talk by clicking on the image below.

#JekyllConf @jekyllrb Thank you for your @jhvanderschee, epic to see that you can build a Jekyll Site in under 20 minutes. If you missed it, catch up later on at

I was accompanied by some great speakers. The message of Chris Ferdinandy really resonated with me. His statement was that the web is a mess and that we should fix it by using less frameworks. You can find his talk here:

#JekyllConf let’s build a simpler, faster world wide web (be a dev dynosaur). Thanks @ChrisFerdinandi for a super inspiring talk!

Before Chris, Pieter Roozen talked about using Jekyll as a data-source for React, perfectly illustrating the point Chris was trying to make ;-). If you are looking for some good references about using Jekyll to build JSON files, look here. After Pieter, Hui Jing talked a little more about data files, a nice and very informative talk to listen to. After Chris his talk, Cat Roebuck spoke about using Jekyll on a really large project. She taught us some great best practises, including the use of themes. After her talk, Matthew Loberg thaught us how to use AWS as your hosting provider. Finally George Phillips spoke. He talked about Enterprise Design Systems.

You can find all talks on

Joost van der Schee

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