This site exists now for almost two years. It has been a place to collect scripts I have created during the production of over 70 commercial Jekyll websites (I create about 30 commercial Jekyll website per year). It was time to reorder my scripts, so I have rewritten their descriptions to fit the theme ‘Jekyll without plugins’.

For easy reuse, I adjusted the scripts so that they work on any website without adjustments (assuming you have a ‘site.url’, ‘site.title’ and ‘site.description’ variable in your ‘_config.yml’ file). I made downloadable includes of each one of them, including an instruction on how to ‘install’ them. Note that all scripts that you find on this website are also implemented on this website itself. This makes this site a living example for its own scripts.

I consider the site to be a success when I succesfully use it myself as a library. Please feel free to do the same.

Joost van der Schee

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